Try a driver leasing agency

Try using a driver temp-agency to find your next driving job

For a professional driver seeking your next driving job, a temp-agency can be a huge benefit. Not just any temp-agency, but a temp-agency that specialize in placing CDL drivers.

Most people are familiar with, and have even worked for, a temp-agency at some point in their career. Finding a good permanent job by sampling a bunch of temp assignments is nothing new to most of us. In fact, I once landed a great temp job with a Fortune-500 company that quickly transitioned into a full-time managerial position with great benefits. It never would have occurred to me to apply directly to this company were it not for the temp-agency who sent me to them on my first assignment.

What a lot of professional drivers don’t realize is that there are a lot of great temp-agencies that focus solely on placing commercial drivers. Also known as “Driver Leasing Companies”, these driver temp-agencies often work with really good carriers who have premium positions to fill. They not only work with commercial carriers. They also place drivers with many of the private carriers as well. For those not familiar with the differences between “private carriers” and “commercial carriers”; private carriers are those that are in some business other than trucking, but have truck fleets for the sake of moving their own products to their stores or distribution points. Some examples of private carriers are such companies as Wal-Mart, Target, and Little Caesars. These private carriers often have some of the best positions, ones that are sometimes hard to find. Many of these private carriers rely on the expertise of driver temp-agencies to help them find good, qualified drivers. Managers at these companies prefer to focus their staff on doing what they know best, while passing the responsibility of hiring drivers on to the driver recruiting experts.

The best part about using a driver leasing company is that you can easily sample lots of companies until you identify one that you really like. Since they specialize in drivers they are sure to have a greater variety of positions and companies for drivers to choose from. For drivers with a little experience and a clean driving record a driver leasing agency will most likely present an abundance of opportunities almost immediately. Despite the negative stigma typically associated with temp jobs, truck drivers usually earn just as much working as a temp driver as they do working directly for the company.

However, there are some things you should remember when considering a temp assignment. Be sure to only accept assignments that are referred to as “temp-to-hire” (TTH) assignments. TTH assignments typically involve a 3-6 month period where the company must employ you through the temp-agency before they can offer you a full-time company job. You can get hired after that short period expires. Regular “Temp” driver jobs, on the other hand, are typically only short term and offer no opportunity for a full-time position. They are typically used to cover temporary vacancies where permanent driver plans to return soon, or positions that will end soon.

With TTH assignments the 3-6 month period is basically your job interview. It’s an opportunity for you to prove yourself worthy of permanent hire. If you perform well during this period you are likely to be offered a full-time position without any further screening other than the mandatory tests. If for any reason you don’t like the TTH job or company that you have been assigned to, you simply finish out the day in a professional manner, and then ask that the driver leasing agency give you a different assignment. As I mentioned, with a clean driving record and a little experience the agency should have no problem quickly finding you a new assignment.

To find a good driver leasing agency simply Google “driver leasing” and you should see several firms in your area. They are abundant most cities and will be glad to hear from you. To get the best results it may be worthwhile to sign up with multiple driver leasing firms. That way you’re sure to see the widest variety of opportunities available.

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