About third-party driver recruiters

Truck driving jobs are at the top of our Nation’s list of “must-fill” jobs. This is because truck drivers are in high demand from companies that transport goods of all kinds. There are thousands of private and commercial carriers that are in need of qualified drivers and they pass along many of their open driving jobs to professional driver recruiters to help fill those positions.

When you’re looking for a truck driver job, one of the best places to start your search is with a professional truck driver recruiter. Professional driver recruiters are in touch with multiple companies in every industry and will know what it will take to get into each of those companies, including what criteria you will have to meet in order to qualify for the job. These companies often give professional driver recruiters a head start on filling their driver jobs so that their own staff can focus on other, non-driver openings. Using outside driver recruiters saves the company and their employees a lot of time and money, and are essential to the companies that use them.

While being a truck driver can be very fulfilling and rewarding, like most other careers, knowing how to get the most out of your skill set can be challenging. When you decide that a job change is needed, a professional driver recruiter can help you to leverage your driving experience to identify and get into the best opportunities. If you’re new to driving and want to jump start your truck driving career a professional driver recruiter can help you through the process of identifying possible schools or companies that will provide on-the-job training as a truck driver.

A good truck driver recruitment firm can also be an excellent ongoing resource, as well as helping when you are unemployed and looking for your next job. Many drivers use independent driver recruiting firms to keep abreast of what their skill set is worth. By keeping in touch with a good recruiter who works with multiple carriers you can routinely compare your current pay and benefits to what other drivers in similar positions are receiving. This will help you to know when its time to make a change.

Being a professional truck driver means far more than simply getting behind the wheel of your truck. In addition to being a good, safe driver and meeting all DOT guidelines, you will want to ensure that you manage your work experience to get the most out of your CDL. Working with a good driver recruiter can help you do that. There are hundreds of great independent firms across the country who would welcome the opportunity to help you get placed. You can simply Google “driver recruiters” for a list of great driver recruiters in your area.

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