Summary of PSP for Truck Drivers

The Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) was designed to help motor carriers make more informed hiring decisions by giving them online access to a commercial driver’s five-year crash history and three-year inspection history through the FMCSA Motor Management Information System (MCMIS). PSP records are available to motor carriers and commercial drivers, as well as companies conducting pre-employment screening on behalf of companies in the transportation industry.

Development of a system to make online safety performance information available for pre-employment screening was mandated by Congress in the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act. Congress holds the belief that making this driver data available to motor carriers, industry service providers, and drivers will vastly improve the quality of safety data while helping employers to make better decisions when hiring commercial drivers. The FMCSA estimates that the PSP program has, on average, reduced crashed rates by 8% for carriers who regularly use the program.

Use of the PSP program by carriers in the hiring process is strictly voluntary and while it benefits carriers to have historical information on truck drivers they are considering for employment, they are not required to make use of PSP data. In order to use the PSP program and access driver records a motor carrier or industry service provider must first register for an online PSP account. Once registered, account holders are provided with credentials that allow them access PSP online services through any major web browser. Account holders can request PSP reports for the purpose of pre-employment screening and they must have the driver’s consent.

PSP reports are sometimes referred to as a “Driver’s CSA Scores”. The terms are completely interchangeable; however people are typically referring to the driver PSP report when they speak of the “Driver’s CSA Scores”.

Drivers can easily access their own PSP report also. It is recommended that each commercial driver review their own report on an annual basis to identify any inaccuracies. The PSP record includes a five-year crash history and three-year inspection history directly from FMCSA’s MCMIS database. Data from the MCMIS is updated on the PSP system approximately once per month, however reporting times and dates vary by state. The cost for drivers to review their own report is currently $10.

PSP reports are available to drivers 24 hours a day on the PSP web site. In order to view your own PSP report will need your driver’s license number, a valid email address, and a credit card. Drivers who have held a driver’s license in more than one state will need to access the report for each individual license held. You will need to provide the license number and state for each one held. Access to the report is immediate and can be printed to provide a permanent record. The address for the PSP website is

Motor carriers are also able to obtain the same driver safety performance information at no charge through the Freedom of Information Act by making a request to the FMCSA.

For more information on the PSP program contact the FMCSA.

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