Drivers can send a confidential email to selected carriers!

Request-a-Call helps drivers expedite the hiring process by getting the attention of prospective hiring managers immediately.

The application process for commercial drivers is among the longest of any profession or industry. Due to the time it takes to complete the average application, drivers typically want to learn as much as possible about the job before starting the application process. Request-a-Call allows a driver to submit an email request to a carrier for a brief phone conversation to discuss job details and requirements, as well as the driver’s qualifications, before beginning the full application process.
After providing basic background information, the Request-a-Call system sends a confidential email to the selected employer on behalf of the driver. It expresses an interest in the opportunity and requests that the carrier give the driver a call to briefly discuss the driver’s specific qualifications. Request-a-Call is a great opportunity for drivers to immediately connect with carriers to learn more about a current opening. It’s a time-saving step for both applicant and employer.
Carriers that post jobs on America’s Driver Job list are required to accept Request-a-Call submissions. They then decide which requests to follow up on based on the brief information that the driver includes in the request. Most job listings also contain the recruiter’s phone number, their company logo and even a link to their own website or online application. In some instances, the recruiter will only respond to candidates who contact them using the carrier phone number or web link that they provide in the job listing. If a driver’s Request-a-Call submission receives no response, the driver still has the option to contact the carrier directly, through the number or link displayed.
With Request-a-Call, drivers are able to expedite the hiring process by getting the attention of the prospective carrier immediately. Likewise, carriers have an increased opportunity to address the particular goals of each interested candidate on a one-on-one basis and advance the best candidates through the application process more quickly.
If you’re a driver who wants to Request-a-Call, you must be registered and logged into the ADJL system. Once logged in, simply complete the Request-a-Call form at the bottom of any opening that meets your interest and qualifications. If for some reason you don’t hear from the carrier within a few days after submitting the request, feel free to call the number listed in the job posting.
For faster response, be sure to tell them that you saw the job on America’s Driver Job List.



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