OTR Truck Driving Jobs vs. Local Truck Driving Jobs: A Comparison

If you’re new to the trucking industry and looking for your first truck driving job, you’ve probably seen ads for two different kinds of trucking jobs: OTR truck driving jobs and local or regional jobs. OTR, or over the road trucking jobs generally take drivers hundreds or even thousands of miles from home on long-haul deliveries. Local and regional truck driving jobs tend to keep drivers closer to home, but drivers may still cover hundreds of miles a day.


When choosing between local and OTR truck driving jobs, it’s important to understand what each job entails. Truckers who choose OTR truck driving jobs must be prepared to spend days or even weeks away from home, but they can also usually expect to earn a lot more money and may even get better benefits.


Local and regional drivers may be able to come home every night, every other night, or every third night. They may make less or about the same amount of money as OTR truckers, depending on which company they choose to work for. Local and regional drivers may receive similar benefits to OTR drivers; again, it depends on the company you work for.


Because OTR truck drivers have to move freight across hundreds of miles and have a time limit for delivery, they often drive at night in order to avoid traffic. They may have regular routes or their routes may take them to different places each job. Some OTR truck drivers may deliver gas or hazardous chemicals, or travel routes that are particularly dangerous; these drivers tend to make the most money.


Local and regional truck drivers typically have more predictable routes. In many cases, drivers run the same routes every day or week, delivering the same goods to the same customers. Their work day may involve driving hundreds of miles, but they get to return home the most often between OTR and local/regional.


If you’re a young person with no family responsibilities, OTR truck driving jobs may be the best choice for you. Many truck driver’s transition to local and regional driving later in their careers, when time at home becomes more important to them. If that’s what you hope to do someday, OTR driving experience is a good way to get your foot in the door with local and regional companies, who usually require at least a year of OTR experience. No matter what type of driving job you’re searching for, you can find a large selection of truck driving jobs at DriverJobList.com!

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