Why are there so many open truck driver jobs?

Today there are nearly 4 million commercially licensed drivers in the US. There are more individual drivers in the country than people serving any other industry. With so many truck drivers why on earth is there still such a devastating demand for more drivers?

The answer is simple. When you examine all of the industries that have served our nation over that past 50 years you realize that all but the transportation industry has been streamlined through advancements in technology. While the industry has certainly benefited and improved through new technology it has not been significantly streamlined or automated like other industries have. In fact, the use of truck transportation has grown by leaps and bounds over past decades and there is no sign of an alternative approach to moving goods that would reduce our dependence on millions of trucks.

In most other industries brilliant engineers have figured out how to use technology to do things more efficiently, in ways that reduce the amount of resources it takes to satisfy public need. Hospitals now serve more patients through the use of new technology that allows for shorter stays. The automotive industry has gotten JIT (Just in Time) down to a science, reducing massive inventories and the facilities needed to store those inventories. A growing percentage of retail sales now come from online purchases where costly store-fronts are eliminated, and banks have been able to scale back nearly 50% of their bank staff through the introduction of the ATM machine.

At the same time the US population is growing at an enormous rate. Neighborhoods and shopping malls are popping up in places that rarely saw human traffic 30 years ago. People now travel much greater distances in their daily lives than they use to for work and play. Social media and other advances in communication make it comfortable for families and friends to maintain long distance relationships rather than huddling everyone into smaller areas as in the past.

However, the one thing that hasn’t change is the number of trucks it takes to meet the needs of our society. Until technology delivers to us some sort of “transporter room” that will beam freight form one place to another, as in the movie “Star Trek”, we will continue to rely on good-old trucks to supply the needs of our communities. And until trucks can fly and land anywhere we are going to need to keep building, and re-building roads. I challenge you to think of a product that arrives at its final place of consumption without ever having been on at least one truck. Everything consumed in the US travels by truck at some point in its life cycle, in whole or as pre-assembled parts. We simply can’t do without them our truck drivers.

It appears that our nation’s truck drivers have a permanent role in our economy. Businesses in industries of every kind post jobs for greater numbers of truck drivers everyday, and there is no end in sight. It’s no wonder that there are so many open truck driver jobs. Truck drivers are the glue that holds our communities together.

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