Make it easier for drivers to apply

When you consider all of the millions job classifications that recruiters work on, recruiting commercial drivers is among the hardest. Not because of the complexities of the driver job, or because of DOT regulations, but rather because moving drivers through the application process has become more of an art than a science. One area where many companies miss the opportunity to enhance their driver recruiting success is through the creation of more inviting application processes that offer more immediate feedback to drivers.

Application completion is the step where the largest number of interested drivers is lost. Getting interested drivers to actually complete the application and then to continue through the follow-up processes has historically been a challenge. If your application process is not simple and direct you are, no doubt, loosing great candidates every day. Even drivers who truly want the job will not bother with an application process that takes up too much time. When you begin to consider things from the perspective of a driver you may understand why.

You must first consider that drivers are presented with new job opportunities on a regular basis. Most of these drivers see offers from competing companies every day. Many of them even get phone calls directly from driver recruiters trying to steal them away from their current jobs. There is certainly no shortage of great opportunities or interested companies for qualified drivers. One way for your opportunity to stand above your competition, and actually get hires, is to have the most streamlined application process. This starts with the application itself, and continues through the final response and job offer.

Like most other people, drivers look for instant gratification. They need to see a direct link between completing the application and actually getting the job. If you require them to put forth too much effort in order to get the job, they will most likely pass it by. And why not…there are plenty more opportunities out there just like it. Unless they believe that they can easily complete the application, and get an almost immediate response, they will likely decide that the job isn’t worth the time it takes to get it. And unfortunately, the more experienced the driver is the less patience he will show.

One way to minimize fall-offs is to have a process that allows interested drivers to talk briefly to a recruiter before they are required to complete the application. This step can have a profound impact on the number of completed applications any company receives. Drivers are far more inclined to actually complete an application after they are able to ask a few questions and determine that an opportunity really exists for them. They want confirmation that they stand a reasonable chance of landing the job before they are willing to invest their time into completing a lengthy application. Remember, most drivers are inundated with driver job opportunities, and they won’t waste time on the ones that may not pan out.

It also helps to address the speed of the process right in your advertisements. Using statements such as “immediate response to your application”, or “call to discuss your qualifications” has been shown to increase the number of qualified applicants. Inviting candidates to call to speak with a recruiter will also increase the responses to your advertisements. As a result many companies are starting to invite drivers to “Request a call”, wherein a driver provides only enough information, in the form of a email request, for the recruiter to determine if a call to the candidate is warranted. Drivers who believe that they may qualify for the job are typically more than willing to take the step of requesting that a recruiter call them to discuss the opportunity. Companies who have tested this approach have seen significant improvements in candidate responses.

You can’t afford to loose interested drivers by having a recruiting process that hinders applicants. Even the most appealing job-advertisement in the world won’t overcome an unappealing application process. With a few slight adjustments you may be able to significantly increase your recruiting effectiveness and ensure that more candidates take the next step.

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